Sacrifice in the Ballgame

While the exact purpose of the Mesoamerican Ballgame - entertainment or ritual - remains open to debate and interpretation, the supposed ritual side has strong evidence for death being the end game.  The great ballcourt at Chichen Itza makes this abundantly clear.

Totem and Taboo

Authored by Professor Sigmund Freud, LI.D., an authorized English translation with introduction by A. A. Brill, Ph. B., M.D., this work explores issues of totem, taboo and the religious impulse at it simplest.

Magic and Religion

'The sin of witchcraft is as the sin of rebellion.' The idea which inspires this text probably is that a person who seeks to obtain his ends by witchcraft is rebelling against the deity or deities through whom alone these ends should be sought.   A work by Andrew Lang.

Ancient Atlantic Island

Framing the Islands of the Americas, which became the continents of the Americas, in the context of world history naturally brought forth Plato's Atlantis as possible stepping stone between the old and the new worlds.  The account that follows is Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa's attempt at connecting the Americas to the lost Atlantean Civilization.

Zemís, religious sculptures made of many materials including wood, stone, ceramic, bone, and shell, and in many forms from small to large were the most important objects produced by Taino society.

The Tantamsyo culture was one of the oldest known in Peru and is prominent for irs very dvanced arcitecture. Buildings were constructed with up to six floors connected via internal spiral staircases. Their skyscraper construction is unique in South America.