Within the Blackfoot nation, there were different societies to which people belonged, each of which had functions for the tribe.  There are stories which explain how these societies came to be instituted, and this one tells how the Society of Bulls began.


Pacific Coast: The Lure in Stanley Park

The lure in Stanley Park is that most dreaded of all things, an evil soul. It is embodied in a bare, white stone, which is shunned by moss and vine and lichen, but over which are splashed innumerable jet-black spots that have eaten into the surface like an acid. A legend from the Salish.

A story all too familiar, Kiviung comes to the aid of a victim of bullying through the use of magical powers and himself becomes the focus of an evil witches as he is tossed about by the fates of fortune in his act of revenge of the young victim.  A story of consequences, forseen and unforseen.

Ojibwe: Fall of Spider Man

This tale of Spider Man is a malevolent story featuring the spider and the star people, a maker of a web different from that of Spider Woman.  The legend is not attributed but is likely of Ojibwe origin.

Raven is an important figure amongst written and verbal stories of the northwest and the Inuit. His tales are passed down through the generations of story tellers of the people and are particularly importance in terms of spirituality.  Raven makes an ocean voyage, from the Inuit.

True to his words, the animal made the Bear-man the greatest warrior of his tribe. He was the originator of the Bear Dance, which the Pawnees still practise. He lived to an advanced age, greatly honoured by his people.  A Pawnee Legend.