A legend that exists in the cultural matrix of a society that is primarily oral can be a source of historical memory. In the case of the legend of the emigration of the Sagdlirmiut we have a fable that is passed from generation to generation as a unwritten record of how it came to be that the Saglirmiut came to the lands of the Inuit in northern Canada.

So we know the Redbird is the daughter of the Sun, and if the men had kept the box closed, as the Little Men told them to do, they would have brought her home safely, and we could bring back our other friends also from the Ghost country, but now when they die we can never bring them back.  A Cherokee legend of how death came into the world.

This fable is a story of revenge, deceit, magic, and other wondrous events, with a final pathos: "standing for a few moments over the body of their slain father, [the daughters] sang the death-song, and danced the death-dance, whirling in giddy circles about the dead hero, and wailing with despair, until they sank down and expired."