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Month of Tepeilhuitl

Tepeilhuitl is the name of the thirteenth month of the Aztec calendar . It is also a festival in the Aztec religion dedicated to Popocatepetl, Iztaccihuatl and Tlaloc.

In the image, a woman’s head is shown upon the sign for a mountain (image may not be visible in the mobile version of the site). The head wears a headdress with green feathers and a necklace with blue beads and gold pendants. Above it is a recumbent head of a woman which is topped by a large flower and circled by golden feathers. The text describes the ceremonies honoring the hills in which representations of hills are adorned with faces.

This month, identified as that of Luke the Evangelist, is called Festival of the Hills or Mountains. This month was dedicated to Tlaloc, the god of rain, but the headdress of the head upon the mountain in the image resembles that of Xochiquetzal (Flower feather), goddess of the earth, love, artists, pregnant women, and the moon who is sometimes named the wife of Tlaloc, a reminder that our ideas of Aztec theology and calendar system is unfortunately greatly diminished by the destruction of their books at the time of the Conquest.

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