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Aztec Deities


Goddess of water from spring and seas, also associated with earth, salt and maize. The consort of Tlaloc.


God of the wind, road sweeper of the rain gods, he is one of Quetzalcoatl’s many manifestations


A deified earthly leader from the Aztec days of wandering, this patron of Teneochtitlan was the god of war.


He who “showered down the rain” appears in multiple form. He also relished the sacrifice of children.


Sun God and patron of warriors, the “eagle that soars” rewarded those who died in his service with eternal joyful life.

Xipe Totec

Carrying a shield embedded with gold, this patron of smiths and god of spring and renewal wears the skin of sacrificial victims.

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As Fray Bernardino de Sahagún observed: the Mexicans “are held to be barbarians and of very little worth; in truth, however, in matters of culture and refinement, they are a step ahead of other nations." We explore the history and legacy of the Nahua and Maya civilizations, both of which challenge our preconceptions.