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The hidden past stares at us, but we do not see it.
— Orly
People of the Amazon

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The variety and the complexity of Indigenous Native American civilization is striking in its richness, its diversity and its elegance.
— Orly

Buffalo Warrior

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Diversity of thought, culture, religion and ideas as reflected in the defining stories of nations past and present.
— Orly

Eagle Warrior

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What we call the New World is a caldron of civilizations primitive and of the utmost sophistication, many of whom left legacies that define our world today.
— Orly

Valvidia Man

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For many of the voices of ancient America, we have their fables and legends as reminders of their spirit.
— Orly

Tsimshian Beaver Dish.jpg

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The Mound Builders, now known under various trading network names, defy our ideas of who the inhabitants of the Americas north of Mexico were and what they were capable of.
— Orly